Affordable Study Abroad

Management Plan and Personnel

The courses will be taught by a teaching staff of instructors from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan hired by the program working with their U.S. counterparts from our partner universities. The U.S. instructors will travel to Poland in early August for a one-week workshop. They will teach classes and interact with the Polish instructors. The U.S. faculty will act as consultants to insure that the instruction and testing is appropriate for the corresponding curriculum at American universities.

Management Overview of the STEM Study Abroad Program

The on-site program director, Dr. Jeroen van den Bosch, will participate in program activities and will coordinate with a STEM Ed Abroad staff member who lives in the same dorm as the students. The Director is the main point of contact for students. The director on-site assistant will be responsible during emergencies as well.

The Role of the On-Site Director

The Polish academic coordinator, Dr. Bohdan Skalski, will be available to the students and will coordinate the scheduling of courses, the supervision of exams and academic advising within the Polish university system. Of course, the courses are NC State courses, but there are inherent issues with scheduling and logistics that the Polish in-country director will manage.

The Role of the Academic Coordinator

The staff at STEMED Ed Abroad are responsible for ensuring recruiting faculty, directors and staff in Poland. Kirsten Johnson, President of STEM Ed Abroad and her staff are available for students and their parents if they have any questions about the programs or need help with any aspect of their stay in country.

The Role of the Staff at STEM Ed Abroad

Poland is a safe country with a low crime rate. We have a plan for emergencies and for individual medical care when needed.

Safety Plan