Affordable Study Abroad

Concept of Affordable Study Abroad

The goal of this initiative is to integrate the international experience into the curriculum for interests and students and simultaneously to make it affordable for students. We have adopted a "same cost" model, which makes the target for the semester program cost (including airfare and books) the same cost as in-state tuition, room and board on campus at a state university in the United States. Our first site is a semester STEM Study Abroad Program at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. This program is not just for science, engineering and pre-professional majors although the large number of science classes clearly is intended to fill a gap in current study abroad course offerings. However, all students are welcome! We are interested in giving a great experience in learning for science majors who have often been neglected by the Study Abroad offerings.

Please Contact: Kirsten Johnson, President, STEM Ed Abroad