Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy

General Information

Syllabus and Homeworks

Lecture 1

Thermal Radiation

Lecture 2

Wave equation

Lecture 3

Particle in a box

Lecture 4

Atomic spectroscopy

Lecture 5

Rotational and Vibrational spectroscopy

Lecture 6

Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy

Lecture 7

Group Theory: Definitions and Basics

Lecture 8

Group Theory: Mechanics

Lecture 9

Beyond Hydrogen: Born-Oppenheimer Approximation

Lecture 10

Diatomic Molecules

Lecture 11

Structure and Symmetry:LCAO-MO and Huckel Theory

Lecture 12

Vibronic Coupling vs. Franck-Condon Activity

Lecture 13

Vibrational Spectroscopy of Polyatomic Molecules

Lecture 14

Hartree-Fock and Configuration Interaction

Lecture 15

Density Functional Theory and Applications

Lecture 16

Time-dependent Perturbation Theory: The Fermi Golden Rule

Lecture 17

Line shape analysis: NMR analogy

Lecture 18

Dielectric Properties of Matter

Lecture 19

Lasers and Non-Linear Optics

Lecture 20

Introduction to NMR

Lecture 21

Matrix formalism

Lecture 22

COSY and NOESY: Applications

Lecture 23

Statistical Mechanics

Lecture 24

Partition Functions

Lecture 25

Molecular Dynamics