Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences

General Information


Lecture 1

Thermal Radiation

Lecture 2

Wave equation

Lecture 3

Particle in a box

Lecture 4

Atomic spectroscopy

Lecture 5

Rotational and Vibrational spectroscopy

Lecture 6

Absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy

Lecture 7

Ideal gas law

Lecture 8

First law of thermodynamics

Lecture 9


Lecture 10


Lecture 11

The third law

Lecture 12

Free energy functions

Lecture 13

Free energy applications

Lecture 14

Phase diagrams

Lecture 15

Mixtures. Raoult's and Henry's law.

Lecture 16

Colligative properties.

Lecture 17

Chemistry of Surfaces.

Lecture 18

Transport properties.

Lecture 19

Introduction to Kinetics

Lecture 20

Transition State Theory

Lecture 21

Second Order Kinetics

Lecture 22

Biological Applications: Photosynthesis

Lecture 23

Biological Applications: Heme proteins

Lecture 24

Geochemical Applications: Carbon dioxide equilibria