Research at Adam Mickiewicz University

Research Experience for Undergraduates at Adam Mickiewicz University

>Adam Mickiewicz University has options for undergraduate research experiences. These are open during the summer months as an additional component to the semester program. The reason for this is to permit students to focus on research during a 8 week summer stay in Poznan. It is important not to try to do too much during the semester program. Students should be realistic and think about the fact that they will want to travel and see sites during the semester, they will have a full course schedule and there are many student events. This is not conducive to focusing on research. However, during the summer months students could get to know a research group, focus on a project and learn enough to perhaps continue certain aspects of their project during the semester. The goal is to complete the project and have a written these for credit before the semester begins so that there is no conflict with on-going classes.

There is a summer program that lasts 5 weeks and permits students to have a community of American students during the beginning phase of their summer project. This is the time of greatest need for comraderie. Once students ahve become famliar with a research group and the new enironment they will find that they can manage quite well for a few weeks in smaller groups Of couse, all of the summer students will be staying in the same dormitory and will have the option to be in contact. We will also ahve onsite personnel during the entire summer program, but at a lower level than during the semester.

Costs: Housing $500

Research supplies $1,250

Administration $250

Director $300

Polish Language $300

Activities $300

Local Transportation $100

- - - -

Total $ 3,000

Particiapnts in the Fall Semester program would fly to Poland in Spring and remain until December. This program does not cost the student more for travel to Poland. Food is estimated to be around $500 for the program. There are research projects in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and a host of other areas to choose from.


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