Orientation for STEM Ed Poland.

Please read ALL the materials and record your responses on the orientation page.

Application link and Course Registration.

The direct enroll option is available at https://stemed.site/login/.

STEM Ed Abroad is a the representative for Adam Mickiewicz University and guarantees the lowest price for Direct Enrollment to the Polish University..

If this study abroad program does not exist at your university STEM Ed Abroad will work with get approvals through your Study Abroad Office. Our mission is to make STEM Study Abroad affordable and to eliminate barriers to international study for ALL students.

Course Registration link.

The secure course selection is available at https://stemed.site/course/login/.

Students from NC State, Iowa State, Georgia State and Temple University should apply to the study abroad office of respective university, but also please use the secure link above to indicate class preferences.

By registering your class choices you are informing STEM Ed that you are interested in this program. STEM Ed is coordinating the entire program we need to plan the schedule and rooms. Selecting classes is quick and you do not need to add any of the other materials. This does not count as a dual application.

North Carolina State University Students may use the link below to reach the application page at the NCSU Study Abroad Office.

North Carolina State University Students

Iowa State University university students may use the link below to reach the application page at the ISU Study Aborad Office.

Iowa State University Students

Georigia State University requires direct enroll. Thus, we recommend that you register with your study abroad office, but also direct enroll as above. The direct enroll terms for Fall, 2020 will be determined shortly.

Georgia State University Students

Temple University students should also direct enroll here and then petition the Study Abroad Office at Temple. We understand that this is a normal procedure for new programs at Temple and we are working with the Study Abroad Office to help you with all approvals.

Regardless of the method used to apply for the program federal grants and loans can apply to all costs of this program. The STEM Ed Abroad application office will work with you if you are not at one of the current partner universities to help you petition for those benefits.