Affordable Study Abroad

Description of Affordable STEM Study Abroad

The goal of Affordable STEM Study Abroad Programs is to reach as many students in STEM fields as possible and provide them with the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. Affordable means that the price should be the same as studying at a student's home institution. We have already met this goal in our flagship program at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. This program offers courses in technical subjects or other requirements for the majors in various fields of engineering, math, chemistry, physics and biological sciences. This program is planned to expand to accomodate many interests that are not currently met by any other study abroad program. The program in Poland has no language requirement. Polish is optional, but is offered. Courses in History, Political Science and Science and Technology Studies are also offered. In addition, we are planning programs in China and Spain that will be more specialized and have a strong emphasis on language. Please look at the video for more information.