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Thermogravimetric Analysis

Tools for Materials Science



Thermogravimetric analysis is a method for determining the thermostability and decomposition profiles of materials. It is based on highly accurate determination of mass of a sample during heating. A sample experiment using calcium oxalate demonstrates the principles:

Laboratory Protocol

Obtaining quantitative information involves fitting of TGA data using non-linear least squares software. Indeed, the software that controls the TGA instrument has such fitting routines. However, it is important to understand the mechanics of the fitting. Please read the description of non-linear fitting of TGA data:

Presentation of thermal analysis

Presentation of thermal analysis (pdf)

Ehrenfest classification

Ehrenfest classification of phase transitions (pdf)

Fitting TGA data

Please answer the prelaboratory questions:

Pre-laboratory questions

Excel spreadsheet with sample data

Igor document with sample data

Sample data file 1

Sample data file 2

The TGA laboratory experiment does not have a required report. Instead, please complete the work described in the worksheet.

Laboratory worksheet